The role of S-LCA in policy making and decision making

The social dimension in the Italian bio-based product prestandard: the S-LCA approach

Enrica Imbert, Gabriella Arcese, Luana Ladu, Piergiuseppe Morone

Subcategories identification for the social life cycle analysis in public administrative services: the case of the education sector in Cameroon in the city of Yaoundé

Bernadette Sidonie Libom, Prof. Carmelo Maiorana, Prof. Antonio Scipioni, Prof. Alessandro Manzardo

Applying an interactive learning approach to increase the understanding of the social life cycle assessment methodology – Sociabill, a serious game for adults

Anna Luthin, Rose Nangah Mankaa

How S-LCA can contribute to a better decision making process throughout its value chain and leave no one behind?

Recommendations for mitigating the most relevant social issues associated with the Portuguese forest sector

Andreia Santos, Madalena Veloso, Ana Carvalho, Ana Barbosa Póvoa

Social sustainability of finance: Using input-output analysis to shed light on listed companies’ vulnerable employment in supply chains

Ioana Stefania Popescu, Claudia Hitaj, Thomas Schaubroeck, Thomas Gibon

Assessing the Social Dimension in Strategic Network Design: The Case of Bioethanol Production in the EU

Lukas Messmann, Lars Wietschel, Andrea Thorenz, Axel Tuma

Using UN Sustainable Development Goals assessment for supporting business strategies

Peter Saling, Sabine-Natalie Fisbeck-Groh, Astrid Palmieri, Birgit Hellmann

Alfredo Prince, Antonio Quadro, Mariana Albarrán Flores, Mariana Ramírez Morales, Beatriz C. K Kiss, Yuki H. O. Kabe, Alejandro Padilla Rivera, Juan Pablo Chargoy, Mireya González Colín


Hierarchy of social impacts

Social performance of companies from the BEL20-index

Valerie Cappuyns

Prioritizing the systemic impacts of a crisis situation: example of the difficulties of the french pork value-chain.

Romy Lynn Chaib, Catherine Macombe, Rallou Thomopoulos

Legitimating the choice of impact categories in S-LCA through participatory approaches: An application to three mobility scenarios

Ghada Bouillass, Isabelle Blanc, Paula Pérez-López

Pathos, ethos and logos to hierarchize impacts.

Catherine Macombe

Prioritising impacts in Type II social LCA for progress contracts

Anaïs Falk, Catherine Macombe, Denis Loeillet

Hierarchy of social impacts: towards a consolidated method for a representative social impact prioritization

Jérémie Lehmann1, Rhoda Fofack-Garcia, Paula Pérez-López

The Social Science basis of Social LCA

Working Relationships: a potential new impact subcategory to “worker” stakeholder

Arij Mohamad Radwan Omar Chabrawi, Josemberg Moura Andrade, Cassia Maria Lie Ugaya, Marzia Traverso

Elisabeth Ekener, Mathias Lindkvist

Social Human and other capitals as a scientific basis for understanding social impacts

Mark Goedkoop, Rosan Harmens, Ilonka de Beer

From inventory to Area of protection

Mark Goedkoop, Rosan Harmens

Methodological gaps and ways forward

Opportunities and challenges of using direct quantification of indicators in PSILCA – An example of Social Life Cycle Assessment of fuel cell electric vehicle production

Sally Kirsten Springer, Christina Wulf, Petra Zapp

Consolidating s-LCA in key industrial sectors: A literature review

Hannah Ventz, Estelle Gervais, Rabea Hinsching

Towards a Social-driven Method to Collect Primary Data for Workers in SLCA

Arij Mohamad Radwan Omar Chabrawi, Cassia Maria Lie Ugaya, Josemberg Moura Andrade, Traverso Marzia

Linking the UN Sustainable Development Goals to product-level impact information

Rosan Harmens, Shaniq Pillay

The Psychosocial Risk Factor Impact Pathway (PRF-IP) using SimaPro software

Nathalie Iofrida, Giacomo Falcone, Giovanni Gulisano, Anna Irene De Luca

Social impact categories for bioeconomy sectors: a particular focus on the subcategory “respect of indigenous rights

Julia Lessa Lessa Feitosa Virgolino, Nicholas M. Holden

Social sustainability in the construction sector – the example of carbon reinforced concrete

Jana Gerta Backes, Marzia Traverso

Weighting methods for selection of subcategories in Social Life Cycle Assessment

Ana Alice da Silva Câmara, Breno Barros Telles do Carmo, Cássia Maria Lie Ugaya, José Eric da Silva Queiroz

Identifying the social issues in SLCA: a bottom-up delphi-fuzzy approach.

Ellen Eugênia de Araújo Guerra, José Eric da Silva Queiroz, Ana Alice da Silva Câmara, Cassia Maria Lie Ugaya, Alejandro de Jesus Padilla Rivera, Breno Barros Telles do Carmo

Applying S-LCA at early stages of product development

Social Risks in the Wood Processing Industries in Austria – A Generic Analysis of Sectoral Differences

Claudia Mair-Bauernfeind, Katharina Roche, Theresa Boiger, Tobias Stern

Social sustainability assessment for a stakeholder-centered building retrofit

Claudia Di Noi, Veronika Zavratnik, Jure Vetršek, Martino Gubert, Andreas Ciroth

A new methodology for the social assessment of cellulose-based products

Beatriz Cassuriaga Dias, Andreia Santos, Leo Staccioli, Jose Gallego, Ana Carvalho

Addressing social impacts of emerging technologies in the mining sector: opportunities and challenges

Giuseppe Cecere, Hazem Eltohamy, Lucia Rigamonti

Identifying social impacts of bioeconomy upstream activities through literature review and participatory approaches

Julia Lessa Feitosa Virgolino, Nicholas M. Holden, Claudia Coutinho Nóbrega, Luciana Rodrigues Cirino

Rafael Horn, Carla Scagnetti, Matthias Fischer, Sun Hea Hong, Eva Knüpffer

Applying intuitionistic fuzzy logic in Social Life Cycle Impact Assessment

Olubukola Olumuyiwa Tokede

Assessing the social impact of the circular economy through Social LCA

Assessing the social impact of circular economy practices: the case of the recycling system of Cuenca- Ecuador

Gustavo Pacheco-Portilla, Dolores Sucozhanay, Paúl Vanegas

Circular economy, SDG 12, and the Areas of Protection of social LCA

Bo P Weidema

Social LCA integrated in the SEEbalance® approach as a new and applicable approach for industries

Peter Saling, Thomas Grünenwald


Challenges and opportunities in the informal sector

Stakeholder inclusion in developing an SDG-based indicator set for Solid Waste Management in Sub-Saharan Africa

Kristina Henzler, Carla Scagnetti, Manuel Lorenz, Martin Oteng-Ababio

Assessing social sustainability impacts of artisanal cobalt mining in Democratic Republic of Congo using QALY methodology

Anni Sofia Orola

Thinking otherwise: Sustainability Performance by Integrating Existing Buildings in Smart Cities – Best Practice

Bianca Weber-Lewerenz

Social LCA applications for SME’s

Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA) in garment industry: an application of Psychosocial risk factors’ impact pathway.

Nathalie Iofrida, Marina Mistretta, Giovanni Gulisano, Koldo Saez de Bikuña, Anna Irene De Luca

Quantitative screening with the 2021 Social Footprint method

Bo P Weidema

Evaluating the social performance of Ecuadorian textile MSMEs using Social Life Cycle Assessment

Erik Sigcha, Lorena Siguenza-Guzman, Daniel Merchan, Bernarda Vasquez, Fabiola Reino, Dolores Sucozhanay

Social assessment for sustainable food systems and Onboarding developing country realities

Proposing Social LCA as a Tool for Guiding Sustainable Agricultural Development in the Global South: A Case Study of Five Agricultural Research for Development Projects in the Highlands of Central Madagascar

Amy Elizabeth Thom

Social life cycle assessment of low-cost biogas digesters and technologies for digestate treatment and reuse in small-scale farms in Colombia

Kurt Ziegler-Rodriguez, Irene Josa, Liliana Castro, Humberto Escalante, Mariannna Garfí

Social consequences of pig slaughtering automation

Clara Valente, Kjersti Prestrud, Gaylord Booto, Rannvá Danielsen, Ellen-Marie Forsberg

Analysing Social Impacts of Fruit Production: does supply chain organization make differences?

Carmen Capdevila

Interlinkages between S-LCA and Conflict Minerals or Critical Raw Materials Assessment

Blood cobalt? Life-cycle human health impacts of a lithium-ion battery

Rickard Arvidsson, Anders Nordelöf, Mudit Chordia

S-LCA applied to hydrogen technologies in Europe: challenges for critical raw materials’ responsible sourcing

Umberto Eynard, Lucia Mancini, Antonio Valente, Fabrice Mathieux

Social-LCA of waste-to-energy techniques: a review

Ana Ramos